Vision Soccer Academy is a soccer academy where the most important is to learn soccer or  and enjoy at the same time

soccer academy for teach soccer for the kids ages between 4 to 16 years old our coaches from Spain

New season start 28/09/2019


We provide high quality training based on the kids needs and level.

We particulary focus on the technical and tactical ability improvement. We also train with important values such as respect and tolerance. 


Our coaches are professionals in the world of football licensed by UEFA. They have a long career coaching different teams of football in Spain and abroad, and they know the best way to train following a specific methodology.


Our teams are organized by age to adapt training to the needs of children. Moreover, each team is named with the name of a professional football player like Messi, Iniesta or Suárez to motivate children.


Vision Soccer Academy is a football school founded in 2013 in Kuwait.

to teach football skills so that the academic training and rehabilitation of players from the age of 4-13 years from then enroll players on their Clubs. VSA works 

Training classified players according to their age - and there is a coach for each group comprising between 12-15 players in the same age group. 

We train three days a week, hour and a half, under the hands of specialists in football training who have the football training license from FIFA.



Our office is located at Jassem al-Kharafi School, 1 5th Avenue, Kuwait City Qurtuba Block 4, St 1 , Kuwait

Open 6 days a week:


Saturday - Monday - Wednesday

  •  17.00-18.30: 2012-2011-2010

  • 18.30-20.00: 2006-2007-2008-2009

Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday

  • ​17.00-18.30: 2014-2013                                        

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Contact us 
    +965 99826226

    +965 97655686 

    +965 50555604              VSA_Q8